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On this page you see some of the courses I took via my employers.

Clear and unambiguous writing
This course offered a set of tips to aid in writing clear and unambiguous texts. This helps to minimize the risk that texts are interpreted by the readers in a way the writer did not intend.
Database transactions
In this course we looked at how intent locking works in a database and how they are used in the different isolation levels that a database knows. We also looked at which concurrence issues can arise at every isolation level.
Design patterns
In this courses we studied the famous software design patterns as described by the Gang of Four.
Presenting skills
This course, provided by Loo van Eck, trained us in every aspect of a presentation. A good structure of your presentation, your attitude as a presenter and handling your audience and unexpected events were some of the subject with which we were able to practice.
Query optimalisation
This course treated a set of techniques to use in speeding up slow queries. We looked at using query plans and how smart usage of indices and standard constructions in a query can speed up queries.